Inspired by my Carpathian homeland, by snowboarding and Pearl Jam my career grew deeply into the world of sports. I feel privileged to be able to combine my profession with my passion for dynamic movements in spectacular settings and to work as a freelance photographer for advertising, sport magazines and commercial shootings in the range of lifestyle, outdoor and sportswear.
Clients: Publicis, Pubblimarket2,  DATEV, Marmot, Nitro USA, Joy Sportswear, CMP flli Campagnolo,  Sport Plus Gruppe, O2 Telefonica, Grüne Lust, WWE Inc, TeamBank, 11 Freunde, Yves Rocher, Werndl + Wisniewski, Fränkische Schweiz Tourismus,  Hollandse Hogte,  WOM Medien, TeamChallenge, FischerAppelt, Chancen KfW Mag, Ventesima Strada, SWEG Italy, Kreativzentrum GOW, Oliver Schrott Kommunikation, Rebel Media, Harman, BergwaldProjekt

A good picture is not only about photography itself – it’s more the perfect mix of a personal style and organizational skills.