Inspired by my Carpathian homeland, by snowboarding and Pearl Jam my career grew deeply into the world of sports. I feel privileged to be able to combine my profession with my passion for dynamic movements in spectacular settings and to work as a freelance photographer for advertising, sport magazines and commercial shootings in the range of lifestyle, outdoor and sportswear.
Clients: Publicis, Pubblimarket2,  DATEV, Marmot, Nitro USA, Joy Sportswear, CMP flli Campagnolo,  Sport Plus Gruppe, O2 Telefonica, Grüne Lust, WWE Inc, TeamBank, 11 Freunde, Yves Rocher, Werndl + Wisniewski, Fränkische Schweiz Tourismus,  Hollandse Hogte,  WOM Medien, TeamChallenge, FischerAppelt, Chancen KfW Mag, Ventesima Strada, SWEG Italy, Kreativzentrum GOW, Oliver Schrott Kommunikation, Rebel Media, Harman, BergwaldProjekt

Photography & Production
A good picture is not only about photography itself – it’s more the perfect mix of a personal style and organizational skills. Here are some of our organizational skills:
We are specialists for unknown spectacular settings, extraordinary new places and secret spots, so you’ll rarely meet us at the usual shooting locations. In the past 10 years we have shown that it’s possible to wind up photo productions almost everywhere in this world. Up until now, we file  145  in- & outdoor  locations.
Usually creative folks don’t like bureaucracy.. WE  DO! Because handling everything by ourselves  (travel arrangements, schedules, effective workflows, budget management etc) simplifies things making a production more transparent and secure for the client.
Knowing the commercial world as well as the one of sports, we keep a large network of freelance stylists and hair&makeup artists, but also of mountain guides and locals. As we believe that a good picture also comes from a harmonious mood within the team, we intentionally bring people from both „worlds“ together.
We understand, feel, love and gladly spread the spirit of almost every sports label. Creating visual languages that represent each company individually and translating their message into pictures is what we enjoy most in our job.
As we are very much into the world of sports we are well connected with athletes and sports models. By now, we count 80 contacts of really cool, good looking, climbing, trekking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding or cycling people. Additionally we work closely with 8 model agencies in Germany and Romania.